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Gisela Unsworth, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust (kept@priv.ate)
Date:Tue 18 Sep 2007 23:53:47 BST
Subject:[Originally posted on 29 May 2006]

Wanted to know if there was a UK equivalent to USA talking cures website. I am currently doing a doctorate degree in CORE and client feedback for improved outcomes in psychotherapy. Delighted to have found this website and will start reading all the material and recommend to others.


Rose Whiteley, Counsellor / Psychosexual Therapist in private practice, Bedfordshire (kept@priv.ate)
Date:Tue 18 Sep 2007 23:52:20 BST
Subject:[Originally posted on 14 Jan 2005]

What an excellent website! You must be an exceptionally community-minded person to take the trouble to upload such a lot of useful information, for clients and therapists alike. Thank you!


Premavathi Thallapaka, thru Council forum-Mr.EpictetusII therapist-RBT (kept@priv.ate)
Date:Tue 18 Sep 2007 23:50:48 BST
Subject:[Originally posted on 02 Jan 2005]

With ref. to Mr.Epictetus well-known therapist gave your portal thru,council forum where, i am regular contributor and learner from others. I have MS in Psychotherapy and Counseling + Experience with Hospital under supervision and training. I am also 1st class Cosmic healer%26Reiki GM+15yrs into Meditation (SRCM). Apart from academics I have various hobbies. I am very eagerly looking forward to do research oriented PhD in Humanistic or CBT+Genetics,how to evolve from Death etc. I am looking forward eagerly to do this in Scotland, with scholarship as I am unable to pay huge fees. My son is at present studying and working in Scotland. I am aged 50yrs. with full of youthfulness and good mental and physical health.
Thanking you and in anticipation,

Premavathi Thallapaka



Graham Curtis Jenkins, Counselling in Primary Care Trust (kept@priv.ate)
Date:Tue 18 Sep 2007 23:49:00 BST
Subject:[Originally posted on 8 Jul 2003]

I admire what you have done. It's well laid out and is helpful to both clients and professionals. I intend putting a link on our site to yours. It's good to see the messages from the research given such excellent cover. I've been going on for years about the same issues and have published papers by Barry Duncan and Scott Miller in our newsletters which are available on our www site. Our trust has funded those research projects which never seemed to be able to attract NHS funding because the researchers were trying to break the hold of the RCT as a means of finding out if therapy helped clients in the real world.


Phillip Ziegler, Recreating Partnership Couples Therapy (kept@priv.ate)
Date:Tue 18 Sep 2007 23:46:22 BST
Subject:[Originally posted on 21 Jul 2003]

Doug--What you've done here is fantastic. Great job. Copied many things from your webpage that I can use in my own workshops and presentations. Giving you the credit you can be sure. Great use of Wampold's graphs.


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